What Does Success Look Like?

What does Success look like

What Does Success look like?

I recently got a cup from a friend of mine and I shared that with you on the blog post “It’s a great day to say thank you, don’t miss the opportunity.”   On the cup, it reads, “this is what an awesome entrepreneur looks like.”  The idea was that when you turn your cup up to drink out of it whatever liquid you have in it, that there you see the reflection of your face in that liquid.  That is what an entrepreneur looks like.


During the time that I was doing that video, some thoughts came to my mind.  I thought what is a successful entrepreneur or a successful anybody?

Dr Maxwell Maltz Findings

And there are several factors that I found from a Dr. Maxwell Maltz. In the book and in the CD series The New Psycho-cybernetics with Dan Kennedy, there is a chapter in this book that refers to the success factors.


In the book, “Think and Grow Rich” he comes up with 13 success factors that are in a person’s life.  But, Dr. Maxwell Maltz has narrowed it down to seven.

Have a Sense of Direction

He uses the word “success” as an acronym to show these seven factors.  I would like to share one per blog with you. The first one we want to look at here starts with the “S” of the success word and that is “Sense of direction.”


Now to put this in simple terms the whole idea of this phrase is you are to have a goal. We all need a target, a goal, because as the saying goes, “if you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there.”


For example, every day when I leave my home to go to my day job I know exactly where I am going.  I know exactly how many turns I’m going to make. I know how many stop signs I’m going to have to go through.  How many bridges I’m going to have to cross.  So I know where I’m going and my mind goes there before I ever leave the house.  A sense of direction. 


As simple as that is that’s what having a goal means.  And my friends if you do not have a goal you are really going nowhere.  

Let me make an add in here.  This statement above means I have a “sense of direction” so what if I get a call to go somewhere different while I am on my way?  Simple … Then I go to that place and then continue on to the store.    

A Lost Sense Of Direction

So it is kind of like the salesperson story that Doctor Maltz tells in his book.  That here this salesperson had worked for years and years and years to get to the top of his game in his business,   Then, finally, when he got to that place,  then he was kind of like, “okay now that I’m here what do I do?” He was in shock.  


“Here I have got what I’ve been striving for all this time and now that I’ve got it I don’t feel like I can do it even though I know that I can do it.”  He went on talking about all of these issues of how he could not perform the job.


Basically, what it amounted to, is all this time he was focusing on coming to that position.  His Goal!   What happened once he got there is he turned around and started looking down and looking at what other people expected of him. Then he started trying to fill their needs and wants instead of keeping up with his own.

Questions For Directions

To help prevent this Dr Maltz came up with three questions that you should ask yourself.  

Question #1 — What do I want out of this job?    

Question #2 — What do I want to achieve?

Question #3 — Where do I want to go?

These questions will help you to stay focused and moving forward.  You must be moving forward.  Maltz used the example of a bicycle. They asked people to get on the bike and put their  feet on the peddles and balance. It is near, very near, an impossibility!

To keep a bicycle balance you must be peddling forward.   This is the same thing for us as humans.  We are designed to be goal seeking individuals

So the first thing we should have to be successful is to have a sense of direction.

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