How Important Is Your Health When You Get Ready To Retire?


How important is your health to you when you retire or semi-retire?

I am sure everyone that retires, wants to be able to move around freely and have a good heart and respiratory system.

Isn't that the idea of retirement? Is to be able to enjoy the things that you could not or did not do while you were working?

I want to talk to you about your health. Not that I am a health expert or anything like that but Your health is important as you get older and get ready to retire or change the pace of your life.

That's what I like to write about and to help out with.

Because not only do we need something to help to continue our finances as we get older but we also need to stay healthy as we get older so we can enjoy what we're doing. So we can enjoy the people around us, and the things that we have not been able to enjoy in the past.

So today, let’s talk about change. I have heard it said,

“the only thing constant in this life is ... change”

Why is change important?

In the book “Think Eat Move Thrive” by Dr. James Rouse and Dr. Debra Rouse, they talk about the importance of change.


Giving credit where it is due, their book is the practice for an awesome life. I want to give you some pointers out of this book that I have read.

It is pointed out that, like everything else, that people want change in their life, but they will not make the changes to get what they want.

It is said, “when you do the same things over and over and expect changes that's just insanity.”

Here is what I am saying ... Most of the time people will not make the changes that are necessary because those changes are work. Changes are many times difficult (to certain people) to maintain long enough to become a habit.

So we must ask the question ... What stops you from making the changes that you desire in your life?

It doesn't matter what you are dealing with ... it may be your finances … your relationships etc. What stops you from making the changes that you desire?

I want to give you the answer. It is Mental Blocks. There is something in your mind, in your thinking, that says you can't do that or you won't do that.

So we have to retrain our brain. We have to build a new path and a new thought way because “we become what we think about.” That is a proven fact.

I don’t know who said this but a quote goes like this …

“Life does not come with a remote … you have to get up and change it yourself.”

That is so powerful! When you take the responsibility to make that change you will move ahead so fast! It will be unbelievable!


Here's a few questions to start your thinking.

The very first thing you have to do is look at your life now and evaluate the things that you do. Be honest with yourself, so that you will know what you have to change.

Here is the question ...

What am I doing right now in my life, as far as my health, that is going to benefit me the rest of my life?

Next question:

Are these habits taking you to the level of living that you desire to have in your life?


Will you experience the life that you dream of if you stay in your present path?

Last Question:

How do you stop doing the same thing over and over again and start having real changes come about in your life?

Here are some answers.

You must first have a vision of what you want your life to be like.

Next you must decide that you have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve those goals.

Becoming healthy is no different than anything else in your life. You must first have the vision of what you want to become.

Then, you must be willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get there.

And the most powerful … your Why must be strong enough to pull you forward to the goal. Why do you want to stay healthy until 100 years of age and more.

Next, what must I do to achieve this change?


Do the fundamentals

Many are looking for a magic pill, a certain apparatus or machine, another person to come and do the work for them. I hope you are not one of these. The marketing world (the part that does not care about you) takes full advantage of these desires.

They say, “Here take this, guaranteed to drop so and so pounds.” “Try this machine it will make things so much easier.” “Let me be your trainer I'll do the work for you.”

What we really need to do is ... understand that the simple stuff or fundamentals are what makes the complex work. Therefore, if we figured out the fundamentals and do them the rest will come.

To have real, powerful and sustainable change we must do consistent work on the fundamentals. That means doing those things well, consistently, day-to-day, to change your life.

We look at the successful people and we think ... “oh well they've got it made, look what they have!” We don't see what goes on behind the scenes. Many times, in fact, probably every time you see somebody successful they have practiced the fundamentals that nobody else sees. That nobody else wants to do.

They are the ones who get up at 4 or 5 in the morning to workout, to prepare for their coming day. They are the ones who stay up late at night and sacrifice time from their family. They suffer embarrassment from failing in the public’s eye, but they keep going.

They have a routine, success habits. Dr Bob Clarke calls it a Daily Mode of Operation (DMO). You have to make a commitment and keep it.

Is all this easy? It depends on you- if you want to do as the commercial says - one push-up, one Blueberry, one, one, one, then it might be easy. But nothing will change.

What is it going to be?

We are talking about your health. Without your health nothing else matters.

You can spend your money on the doctor bills and the time visiting them, or make changes to the Fundamentals of health today.

Here are three fundamentals that I do and recommend.

(Disclaimer - always see your doctor to see if you can do physical exercise)

The first thing is exercise. What ever sort it may be for you. For some it is simply walking. For others they like yoga or some class taught program. Others like Weight Lifting of some sort. I personally like and do body weight exercises at the YMCA outside track and at home I add in a Kettlebell routine. You need to chose what is suitable for your level of fitness.

The second things is Nutrition. Now you are saying “OMG he wants me to go on a diet!” Well, yes - the word diet actually means in the Greek where we got a lot of our words from - a way of living -- look it up here if you like -

You have to choose something you are going to stick with but is healthy. I add this ... in moderation. The more results you see the more you will change to being a healthier nut.

The third thing is supplements. Now some say well that just makes expensive urine. Maybe? But, expensive urine now and healthier body or expensive doctor visits later when you are trying to fix something. That is when you will spend all of your savings you have worked for rather than enjoying the fruit of your labor.

I recommend and take a good quality multivitamin for men over 50. Also a B-complex 100 twice a day. Protein drink twice a day. And the one that I think has made a big change in my life is an high antioxidant and inflammation fighter. This is the best one I have found that I saw a difference in just 3 days   Also it gives you great natural energy.  


Just like anything in life you have to prepare for the future events if you want to do well. Your health is no different. Remember change is constant. Your body and your life events change constantly, to adjust easily … stay healthy.

To live long and healthy make it a mission and make the activities apart of your daily life. Exercise, Eat well, and supplement for the full benefits of all three.

To your health and success


Baxter Cribbs

P.S. Change will come to your life, around your life and through your life. Will you take control of that change? Start with the nutritional part right here for a kick start.  ​

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