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Baxter’s Blog

never quit moving forward

Life is a never ending journey - make the best of it

Hello and thank you for coming  to my Blog.

I am Baxter, the owner of a small company called Enduring Investments, Inc.  It is my goal to provide to you helpful information that will stay with you for many years and, it is my hope that you will find it useful all of your life.

You will find a variety  of information here because I have several areas of interest.

It is my hope to help others who have a difficult time of having any retirement funds to be able to take that tasks into their own hands.

Since we understand that no one is going to give us anything this means we must work at this like we have all of our lives already.

But, to work smarter not harder and have accessibility to our own funds , whatever you chose that to be, it will be in your control.

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Enduring Investments, Inc –

Providing information that stays with you


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