Two Big Killers to Success … can You Overcome?

killers to success

Two Killers to Successkillers to success

Killers to success do not come dressed in long trench coats and top hats with machine guns.

Just the other day I was asked – Are you serious about your business?

Yes, I am serious!  was my answer and the conversation continued.  But, afterward I had to stop and consider the question. Am I serious about my business?  Am I 100% committed to making it succeed?

If I am what is keeping me from moving ahead faster, stronger, being more helpful to others in the sphere of my influence?

Then I heard a podcast. I listen to a lot of audio to help keep my mind fed with tidbits and teachings that other successful people are doing and sharing.  My favorites are Dr Bob Clarke, Ferny Ceballos, Tim Erway, Chef Katrina, J T DeBolt, Darren Hardy, Ray Higdon,  and a few others.

This podcast was from J T Debolt  and as I listened I came away with the some big take away’s that I will share with you today.

There are two killers to success

Here in the south where I live a common statement that is made when we meet people that we know or otherwise, we say, “How are you today?”

There are two usual reply’s …

“‘I can’t complain, nobody would listen anyway’”

“I ain’t gonna complain, nobody wants to hear that”

But then guest what happens … most of them start complaining.killers to success

This is the number 2 killer to success … Complaining. But, not from others … from our self.

Do you ever listen to yourself and what you say. My answer is sometimes and when I see funny expressions on others faces.  That tells me I said or did something out of place.

Think about this, we probably complain and do not even realize it.  At work, on the bus, in an elevator, at home … sound familiar?

Killers of Success #2

Sports Illustrated Magazine produced an article about Dewayne Johnson, (aka The Rock) and his journey to stardom.  My summary is … no matter how many obstacles were put before him he never complained.  That does not mean he liked the situations but he did not complain.  He found away to overcome the obstacle.

This is what we should do also to continue to grow ourselves and our business … Remember to think positive, ask,  “How can I overcome this?”.

This in not new, there was a letter written to a group of people 2000 years ago that had this passage in it —
[Phl 2:14 KJV] 14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings”

What does complaining do to us? 

The first thing is does is help us to re-live some negative event that we do not like or just did not go our way. This takes us away from our goal.  It is almost like resentment (literally relive)  which can destroy your life.

Second, every time we tell the complaint (story) we embed it deeper into our mind and it becomes a fact to us.

Third, it brings division into your life.  Division from other people because they do not want to hear it. Then, division from success because you are going in the wrong direction.

Forth, it does not solve any problems … it creates more.

What can we do to fix this?killers to success

STOP COMPLAINING!  Ok … I am being a smarty pants, but before we open our mouth … think! Be INTENTIONAL in what you are saying and who you are saying it to.

Instead say, “I am thankful for the challenge because this is going to make me grow! I have got this! This challenge is a stepping stone to bigger and better etc” … you get the idea.

When others ask you,  “how is it going?”  Say … “I am having an awesome day!”  Or you could say … “I am very well and thanks for asking, I hope you are having a great day also!”

Tom Hopkins once said to use the word unbelievable.  “I am having an unbelievable … whatever it might be but with the positive emotion.

So if that is the #2  of killers of success — you have to be asking what is #1?

Killers of Success #1 — Excuses

killers of success #1 is … Excuses.  We all have excuses, I don’t care who you are you have excuses.  Are yours bigger and better than mine?  Are yours bigger than the handicapped person in a wheel chair, or blind and deaf, who were very successful?

If they are then here is a fact … you are looking for a way out.  Remember the question I asked at the beginning?  Here let me help  — Are you serious about your business? Are you committed to succeed — to win! not just to keep from losing — are you 100% committed to win?

I know you just said, “YES!” so here is how Excuses are killers of success.

#1  It takes the focus off of winning

Like I just wrote – you are looking for a way out — I can’t — he didn’t do … I work 60 hrs a week (that is mine) … my wife/husband doesn’t support me… etc.  On and on we can go a whole page full.

Some even defend their excuse so hard that they get angry with you if you try to show them the challenge.

Here is a shared quote –

You Get To Keep What You Argue For

If you argue for failure and I can’t’s  … that is what you get to keep. But if you argue for I can … I got this … lets move ahead … that is what you get to keep.

What to do ? Be Intentional. Argue for the positive — make the answer bigger than the excuse.

#2 Robs Your Energy

Excuses rob you of your Creative powers … your Mental powers … and your Physical powers.

When you are focused on your excuses it is like trying to roll a square block up a steep hill in a mud slide.  Impossible!

You are so drained there is nothing left to be creative or to think or to get off the couch to do something.

What to do? Ask yourself what if … these excuses were not true?  What if you said to you — so what if I work 60 hrs a week there is time. 20 minutes here, 10 minutes there, my thirty minute lunch over yonder.

What if they were not true? Could you find away?  Use the frustration to move forward!   Look at all those who did that were worse off, supposedly, than you are, what did they do?

#3 Excuses Make a Horrible Impressions

First if you are sharing your business, work,  opportunity, product with someone and you start giving excuses why you don’t do this or that, the first thought that enters their head is … I can’t do that either! 

If you have a mentor or someone who is successful and they are helping you and you keep saying “I can’t because … blah blah blah … guess what they are going to do?  

DeBolt’s example was …  I called a lead one time.  

Mentor – why did you only call them one time?  

DeBolt – I left a message and they never called me back!

Mentor – you should have called more!

Debolt – I work 70 hrs a week I don’t have time to call people over and over

Mentor — do not call me again for advise or anything until you have figured out how to call those leads back at least 4 times!

So you make horrible impressions on the leads and your leaders.

Fix it like this — Admit the issue – accept it – then apply steps 1 and 2 above.  

#4 We compound the issue

Have you ever heard the saying … You can take an ant hill and turn it into a mountain.

That is what can happen … a simple step that makes you feel uncomfortable and that little voice says “make some excuse.” And, we obey it.  We reinforce the negative. 

He didn’t tell me everything! They did not help … before you know it you have a mountain of excuses to not take one simple step forward. 

#5 Making Excuses can become Habitual 

We are creatures of habit. Bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with.  It takes 21 days or longer to change a habit, how long have you been making excuses?

Try thinking of answers to go forward not backward and this to can be a habit — Good habits are hard to develop but easy to live with.


Two killers of success are kissing cousins – Excuses and complaining. Both are very easy to do.

Are you serious about your business? Then examine you life, business etc… against this short list.  Where do you stand?

Resources for strength and mentor-ship or coaching    

Here is a link to an awesome community of mentors, Leaders, coaches and great people just like you and me who understand the things that are written in this post. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

You will find it is unbelievable how success will come to you once you remove the killers of success.

Check out this university of Super people and information to help you put the stepping stones in place.

To your success





Baxter Cribbs


P.S.  A great place to get encouragement in for killers of success  can be found here to help you grow yourself and your business

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Ruthanne - December 27, 2016 Reply

Wow, what a great post! There are so many quotable quotes in your article, too. Complainers drive me nuts, and I try pretty hard to never complain myself. Your point about keeping what you argue for, with cans and can’ts is excellent.

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