Time Management or Manage Your Time?

"Most People will find ways to avoid confronting productivity and will waste their time , even if they have to work at it!"

This is what Dan Kennedy said in his book "No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs" as he watched people from Ohio to Arizona do what he called time wasters.  

He had determined that his own sales team would rather shovel snow than to pay someone 5 - 7 dollars an hour to shovel it for them so they could do more productive work.


In the first chapter of his book, which is all I have read so far, he says people have to put a value on their time.

This way they can determine what they should be doing to make the most of the "billable hours." 

Dan teaches how to decide the amount you want to make each year and divide that by the amount of weeks you are going to work.  

Then divide the amount of the week by the hours you are going to work and you can even go on down to the minutes

So which is it? time management or manage your time? 

J T DeBolt say's you can not manage time -- because time is a constant. never changing.  There is only 24 hours in a day.  Once this minute is going it is gone. His conclusion is to manage yourself in the time you have available.  

But he is not the only one who says ​this ... Dr Bob Clarke, who is a part-time master marketer said "most people are not efficient with there time."  What is meant by this they fail to find and use 10 mins here or 15 mins during lunch or when it is available.  

When they sit down at the computer they don't know what they want to do or need to do.  So again they are wasting time and not managing themselves in the time they have. 

Since time stops for no one on this earth then I would have to agree with the conclusion that we must manage ourselves in the time that we have.  

How do we manage our self for time efficiency ​

.These are in no particular order and this would not be a total list of ways to use your time but maybe it will help 

Use NO more Often

First, I suggest that we learn how to us the word "NO."​  To many this is a very harsh word because they take it as a rejection. Salespeople quit the business of sales because of this word. 


When you first start telling others no that you have more important things to do ​they will think that you have become rude and you want to be an unsocial person.

But after awhile they will begin to understand that you are trying to better yourself and will respect you time and request to not be bothered. 

There is a saying that may help you to say "NO" because some have a difficult time saying no but it goes like this ...

"Poor planning on your part does not constitute and emergency on my Part"

You are not responsible for the success of others only for your self.

Cut out wasteful habits

​Wasteful habits are usually (not always) the easy stuff to do that you want to do first because it is easy.  


Things like checking email every 30 minutes to see who wrote you, or if a client wrote you.  Or just because you think you need a break from your work and the you find yourself 40 minutes later down a rabbit hole.

Getting on Facebook or Linkedin or whatever social media you have will ​have the same effect on your time.  You go to check one thing and then you are reading all the gossip or family happening etc. and you get sucked into the time waste vacuum.

If we use the Dan Kennedy billable process how much money did you just lose by going down that rabbit trail?

A statement that I have quoted before should be applied here ...

"Bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with Good habits are hard to develop but easy to live with" 


I know that the terminology time management or manage your time is applied to the same things.  There are just those few difference's of understanding that I think is needed.

Everyone should know that there are only 24 hours in a day and you can not manage that it is going to stay the same.  When a minute comes it is gone in 60 seconds.  Literally!  you can not get it back no matter how hard you try.

But you can manage you in that 60 seconds.  ​You have the ability to decide how much you are worth an hour.  

  ​You can learn how and when to say NO to people and things. Being interrupted or just completely giving away your time to so others puts you to working on their goals or plans.

Then, wasteful bad habits can be changed. Figure out which ones they are that you do over and over and deliberately stop doing that until you change the habit.

 Bonus - time manager 

Duplicate your self. That is right, through the process called marketing.  Use little things called Ads to reach out to people and share your value. This way people with come to you instead of you having to go to them.  

There are a few things to learn about this so that you are not spamming people and so that the process is done right. You can click here to get your self a free 10 day boot camp to get you started.  

To your success



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