The Super Moon – Part of a Super System And What We Can Learn

Super Moon

The Super Moon – Is There a Lesson Super moonHere?

By now everybody has heard about the Super Moon. It has done come and gone, but if you have not here is some amazing facts.

It is not the first one – they have happened since it was told to circle the earth – and that was a long time ago. Man just did not pay much attention to it and also did not write it down.  When they started writing it down and paying attention to it, I do not know.

Next, these super moons happen every year just so happens that Nov 13 and 14 2016 are the closest it has been to the earth since 1948.  It will not get this close again until 2034.

It is a very bright moon, and will look a lot bigger, hence super moon. It will create higher tides because of the gravity of it.  And, because of the attention it has been given by the marketing media this almost seems like a phenomenon.

It is a spectacular sphere to look at and wonder – “what is it like there?”

The goal of a NationSuper moon

So we being the intelligent creatures that we are figured out how to get there and we have not been back since. It did not take us long to figure that one out!

There is nothing there, no air, it does not have its own light, it is cold and dusty and it was a stepping stone for us as mankind.  Remember the famous words – “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  So we stepped on the moon and moved on.

That was a completion of a goal for a nation as a whole.  That was a great accomplishment and I am not trying to take away from that at all.   What I want to focus on is — the moon does this every year.

It repeats its self and never misses a beat, a cycle, the turning on its axes.  Why?  It was designed as apart of a system and put into action by a super intelligent Being (that I personally call God) to give life giving functions to us as humans.

Now, here is where I want to get to for this blog post.

It is part of a system.

We call it the solar system.  It has a great effect on the systems that operate on earth.  There are many “mini systems” that obey the laws that were given to them.  Just like the moon is obeying the law that was given to it by its designer.Solar System

We as marketers need to understand that for us to be as effective in the area that we work, we need a system.  Not only a system but a proven system.

Systems like in Franchises, i.e. McDonald’s, and all fast food chains.  Super Cuts Hair Salons is a franchise that has a system to do 10 minute haircuts.  On farms – the combines they use to pick corn, cotton, wheat etc. is a system that works every time.

We, as Entrepreneurs, home business owners, stay-at-home mom’s and pop’s,  etc,  need a system to help us produce consistent results that we can count on like the super moon.

The Complexity Of a System

For a business there are or can be a hundred things to do to make it work.  sales alone for example has research, product creation, finding customers, calling on the customers 2,3 5, 10 times ,  follow up for back end sales or repeat of a consumable item, Customer service for delivery or problems.  You need a way to collect money, send out statements,  buy the product, just to name a few things.

But wait! There is a better way.  Just like the moon is part of a system that has been built and designed to work and we receive the benefits of this process there are systems already in place to help you with this also.  This system as a whole is called Affiliate marketing.

And smart business owners learn to leverage that system so that it has a super moon effect in its operation.  With that statement I mean it is consistent.  You can count on it to be there to work and preform predictably.

Such a system would have Education on the processes so you would know how they work and when they are not working like it is suppose too.

What Should be in a System

Such a system would have the components with it that are necessary to the life of the system.

  • Like and email system that informed, followed up, and sell without you being there.
  • It would have products that bring true value to the customer and your self when you put it into action.
  • It would have sales people on the phones to answer questions and close the sales so you can work on other parts.
  • It would have funnels (pathways that a potential buyer will travel to see your products) that will automatically move customers to seeing each part needful for them.
  • It would have a check out where those who wanted to purchase can do so.
  • It would have up-sell items to help overcome the acquisition of new customers.
  • It would have profit maximizing  events that would educate, excite and motive members or customers.
  • This list could go on for a page or two, but here is a simpler way to do this.

The System

Affiliate Marketing is the best business model for this field of men and women that want to have the freedom to do as they dictate in there life.

Here is the one that I use and recommend because of its leadership, experience, world wide reach capabilities, training that is made available and real care for you as a member.

It is Elite Marketing Pro.   As I said before Affiliate Marketing is the best business model for the small business person who wants to have and at home system to give you  everything you need to get started quick and easy and to succeed.

If you are serious about freeing yourself from the daily grind or you need to earn some extra cash this is the way to go.   Click this link below to see what is at your finger tips.

to your success

Baxter Cribbs    

Super Moon -- Super BusissiUsing a system to workout brings results –

Using a system in your Marketing bring Freedom


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