Rifle or Shotgun? Which is the best way?

Shotgun & Rifle

KaBoom!! The Shotgun rang out in my ear and my cousin fell on the ground screaming!

Then, his brother and me ran up to where he was laying on ground, and his brother was screaming,

“I shot my brother! I shot my brother!”  

There we were, three boys 14,15, and 16  two miles out in the woods and the middle one laying in the weeds on the ground.  One hysterical the other in pain and I was lost as what to do.

So I fell to my knees beside him and asked a stupid question … “are you all right?”

He jumped up off of the ground, madder than a wet setting hen, crying, bleeding, confused, and shouted …

(EXPLETIVE) NO! I’m shot ain’t I!

Well that answered that – he was not alright but he was not hurt to permanent damage either.  He was far enough away that the shots had time to scatter just … I mean they just did penetrate the skin.  You could see the lead balls under the thin layer of shin.

But, boy he was on fire, cause the shots were hot and then the stinging entry into the skin. By the time we walked home the two miles he had cooled down, but their daddy came unglued when he found out what happened.

I am Thankful

Today, I can tell this story and laugh about it as it now sounds funny.  But let me assure you it was not funny then. I am thankful that he was not hurt in a serious way.  If that had of been a rifle of any caliber that boy could have been dead.

I will not tell you what happened to cause the shooting but that as young and stupid boys we did a lot of stupid things.  Like beating the creek water with sticks to run the snakes out so we could swim.  Or sticking our hands in the water by a stump to catch a fish and bring up a snake.

For those that don’t know that is called “cooning”  cause that’s how a Raccoon catches fish.

I am thankful that I grew out of that and learned how to be more careful and responsible.

This bring me to the subject of this blog …

Shotgun Marketing

Now, fast forward thirty something years but in the marketing world.  If you use a shotgun approach to do your marketing it is sure to kill you.  Oh, you might do this when you are young and stupid (just making a comparison don’t get upset) in the marketing world and just get injured.  But if you continue it will be the death of your business.

In marketing you want to use a rifle. you want to have the perfect message, matched to the perfect market.

Lets see – the pellets that hit my cousin was

  • 2 in the head and neck
  • 4 in the back of his arms
  • 10 in the back and butt area
  • and 4 that completely missed him
  • none were on the heart

You need Rifle marketing (also known as Sniper’ Marketing – Ferny Ceballos)

With a single shot my cousin could have been hit in the heart — I am glad that was not the case in the real world — but that is what you need in marketing to a certain niche.

Here is how you can get that:

  • Learn where they are hiding and what they do
  • Learn how they purchase and who they follow
  • learn what they read and watch on TV video’s
  • learn what are their pains what their pleasures

This way you can tailor your message to be something that this person wants to read.  You will have more interested people clicking on your “Learn More” button and then on the “Buy Now” button.

And, if you are marketing that is what you want. The opportunity to help other people grow in person and in the craft. And that is what I want to do for you.  Help you learn how to zero in on like minded people that you can help and they will call you.

My friend Ferny has  put together a tried and proven system to attract customers to  you and it is called – you guessed it — Attraction Marketing Formula  and you can check it out if you like by clicking here

Now, if you are not ready for a small investment in yourself then you may want this FREE 10 Day boot camp that is packed full of information that you can also put to use right away.

To your success



Baxter Cribbs

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Baxter Cribbs

Baxter Cribbs -- I like marketing and Copywriting and helping other learn the same. When I am not learning about either of these I like to work out. The outdoor YMCA track is his favorite place. I also like studying and talking about the scriptures. I believe a person should be growing until the end of life.

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