Prosperous Opportunity Awaits Us In 2016

First let me say, Happy New Year!  And, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

Let me answer the above question for you, "Of course you do." Everyone wants to have a better life in some form. Even if we think of escaping this life to another one we want it because of improvement.  In this post today I want to bring to your attention different points about improvement.

Improvement is not Money

First, improvement does not always and most times is not simply money. I will come back to this in a moment. Improvement most of the time comes in small increments just like a baby learns to walk in small steps. Usually short, unbalanced, fearful, and falling down steps.

each day

Just as that baby will conqour walking, because of things unknown to them that are being applied, like desire, persistence, curosity, you too can make improvments in your life.

Three Huge Areas

​Three areas that you can control or have influence over.  They are ...



YMCA body weight equipment


Of course there are many sub-areas in each of these.  Those areas are where your changes will effect the over all picture.  Let's look at each area individually.


If you want to improve one of these areas all the responsibility lies on you.  The other person can not improve you, only you can do that.  And for the other person to follow you in the change of the relationship, you must become the change you want. 

So, just as the baby tries to take a step and falls and keeps on getting up and doing it again to make one step, then two,  so must you do the same.  It does not matter which relationship it is, pick one small thing and try it.


Without good health nothing can be enjoyed in life.  Nothing can be shared in a relationship that is profitable.  Even sick people get tired of hearing other sick people talk about how sick they are.  The first suggestion I would make to anyone is do not talk about your health unless it is good.  

A short story I heard one time.  Two men were in the same hospital room and were very sick.   One by the window and one by the door where he could not see out the window.  

The man by the door always complained about how sick he was and how bad he hurt.  The man by the window always told the man by the door how beautiful it was outside.  There was green grass in the park, sunshine on the children playing, people enjoying a walk, just all those wonderful things of life.  

One day the man by the window died.  The man by the door asked to be moved by the window so he could look out and see all the wonderful things the man had been describing.   She moved the man over and all he could see was the brick wall of another building.

"Where is the park that the other man always talked about!" he said.  The nurse said, "I don't know what you are talking about, that man was totally blind."  

A second way to have good health is to make it good.  Eat right and exercise.  Remember Rome was not built in a day.  It was built one brick or stone at a time.  One carving on the sculpture at a time.  Change your existing bad health habits to good habits one at a time.  

An encouraging statement to remember:  

Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with.  Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with.    


Some think, "If I just had money everything would be alright!"  The Truth is having a bunch of money when you are not mentally prepared for it has brought a lot of lottery winners much agony.

What most really want are the things that money allows us to enjoy.  Freedom!  

  • Freedom from worry of what if I lose my job?
  • Freedom to know "I have a retirement when I get ready.  
  • Freedom to help others if we want to.  
  • Freedom to go and visit people or lands locally or far away.
  • Freedom to run the air conditioner or heater and not have to choose between that and food.  

To have a more prosperous life the first thing a person should do is pay off the bills.  Any thing other than utility -- pay it off.  If you would like to know what I did to pay off everything in two years, after I lost a good paying job,  email me and I will share it with you at NO Charge.  

Sometimes an extra few dollars handled correctly can make a difference.  Check this out for the perfect at home extra income.  If you have questions contact me by email below.

Learn how to handle money so that it doesn't handle you.  Take small consistent steps and you will soon be where you want to be.  


If you want this year to be more prosperous pick something in each of these areas and work on it a little each day. If you are consistent it will be like putting a penny in a jar today and tomorrow put 2.  Then next day put 4.  The next day put 8 and so on for one month. 

At the end you will be amazed 

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Thank You


Baxter Cribbs

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Baxter Cribbs

Baxter Cribbs -- I like marketing and Copywriting and helping other learn the same. When I am not learning about either of these I like to work out. The outdoor YMCA track is his favorite place. I also like studying and talking about the scriptures. I believe a person should be growing until the end of life.

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Hilary De Freitas - January 5, 2016 Reply

Baxter I really enjoyed reading this post. Totally reminded me of when my two year old started walking. I remember someone telling me to pay close attention to her in those early days. She was persistent, curious and almost fearless it would seem.

I’ve learned so much from her for my business and life in general in the last two years. Can’t wait to see what the next one will teach me.
Hilary De Freitas recently posted…Being Grateful is Everything!My Profile

escorts in Dallas - January 8, 2016 Reply

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Ruthanne - January 14, 2016 Reply

I love the quote about bad and good habits. What a great post, thanks!
Ruthanne recently posted…How to Build Your Pinterest Account with BoardBoosterMy Profile

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