How To Get Around In The Facebook Business Manager

When you play in the other persons yard, you have to play by there rules. 

If you are a marketer and you play in Facebook Business Manager's backyard you have to play by there rules or at some point they will ask you to leave.

I have seen many comments, listened to several conversations, and rants about how a person signed up for the business manager and they did not like it.

First they thought that there was no need for it.

Second, they were complaining that they could not see there profile page.

Third, when operating on their fan page there was less activity.

I have created a video on how I maneuver in this area of Facebook

Facebook Business Manager made simple 

How to get around your business Manager page

In some parts the movement of the screen lags behind the speech but it will catch up

  Once you understand that a few clicks can get you around in the Facebook Business Manager it really is not so scary to work with.

Things to do while in your Facebook Business Manager page​

While you are logged in to your Facebook Business Manager you can do anything you need to do.

  • you can create and ad
  • check on an ad or ads
  • create custom audiences
  • do anything that is needful as a Facebook advertiser

 Finally if you really must see your profile you can do one of two things. You can open another tab on your browser with your profile open.  

Also, you can claim your profile page as a page in your business manager page.   But, here is a WARNING, if you have had your Facebook shutdown by Facebook because you violated their rules I would not advise claiming your profile in the business manager. Facebook's bots would see this and possible shut down your whole operation.

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To your success

Baxter Cribbs ​

Facebook Business Manager

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