Healthy Benefits Of Love For Your Body

Love your body

Are you coming from love?

In scripture it says, "If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing."

​Everyday living for most is probably very difficult and you think ... "if I can just get through the day."  So when you get home at night you have nothing left to give and many times come across as having no love.   Sometimes people really have no love and it comes across real strong. 


We must challenge our self to ask a question ... "Am I coming from love?" or "what would love do now?"

This is not only for the other person or people involved but more so for you.  When you ask the question above you are bringing clarity, power, and purpose to every decision in life you make.

So if you give your body and time in service to others you can be at peace with your self knowing why you are doing the thing you are doing.  Knowing that you do not need others approval to do what is good and right.  ​You can stand in front of others in and with integrity because of WHY you made a decision.

Love and the Power of Words

​As you go through out your day, do you pay attention to the words you say to others? 

As you know, words are very powerful and if we do not listen to what we say ... we can set our world on fire​!  The tongue is a very blunt part of our body but it can be so sharp it cuts to the heart.  

Think about that for a minute ... do you use uplifting, encouraging, and empowering words to those that you meet, talk to, and share your day with?


Now, let me ask you this ... how do you talk to yourself? What are you first thoughts when you wake up in the morning?

What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake?  

We have to be careful because we are listening to our self.  We create how we feel and we set the tone for the next few seconds, minutes, hours and even DAYS by what we say to our listening ears.

Let me give you an example -- if you were going up on a stage to give a speech and you were saying to yourself -

"I am going to mess this up royally!"

" I'm going to look stupid!"

"I am going to forget what to say!"​

What do you think is going to happen? ​ That is right you are going mess up royally, look stupid and forget what you want to say.

So what you should say is - "I am going to be great at this speech!"

"I am going to deliver this with power!"  

"They are going to rise to their feet and give me a standing ovation!"

Your words cause Stress.  Stress on you and those around you, so pay attention to what you are saying.  Stress releases Cortisol in to the body which causes other weakening effects.  Brain fog, mood changes, it is the seed for belly fat just to name a few.  


​Add Love Today 

​Asking the questions ... What would Love do? causes us to slow down and think.  Many time we just react to a situation. 

An example - what would you say it your mate forgot something important on a grocery list?

How do you respond to something someone said on Facebook or some social media?  Would it be out of love or would you be brought down to the same place as the other?

​Since this post is about healthy benefits of love for your body, do you ask yourself the same question when you are about to put potato chips or some other refined food that is not good for you ... in your mouth?

Would you feed the same thing to your children that you want to grow up healthy?

Or to your mate that you want to live to be a hundred years old with?

Ask yourself --- "would I eat this if I were coming from love?"

Do you realize that good healthy relationships filled with laughter, support of each other, empowering words of love with actions to show that is what enables us to live long exciting love filled lives?

​Here is what you can do to remind yourself to take care of yourself with love. 

  • ​slow down just a tad to have clarity, power and purpose in every decision
  • do things with the attitude of service with integrity
  • choose uplifting empowering words towards yourself and others
  • think, eat health, exercise, and thrive in your life so you will overflow to the ones around you

​And last ... keep the question in front of you "Am I coming from Love?" like this ...

Every time you pass thru a door way, door frame, opening to another room or place imagine that the question is wrote on that door or frame.  Because as you already know ... be become what we think about most of the time.​

​to your health 

Baxter Cribbs


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