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Habits, a daily key to success

good habits build success

Habits, they help you to have success

I heard a great sales teacher say,

“Bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with,                    

                     Good habits are hard to develop but easy to live with.”

I remember thinking that is so true.  It was easy to begin smoking when I was young.  I was easy NOT to exercise my body.  It was easy to NOT study when I was in school.

As the years passed on with these habits, I began to see how hard they were being on my body.  Then, I decided to change the habits to good habits.  It was not so easy.

I quit smoking 4 times over a period of years to finally, be able to say, “I do not smoke.”

I began an exercise program inspired by Charles Atlas and a little cartoon ad in a comic book.  Over 40 years later, I exercise every day in some way.  That good habit helps me to do what most in their 20’s can’t do.

I grew up on the farm where you physically worked all day and daddy did all the thinking for you, you just did as you were told with no questions.

Studying and reading in school were very difficult for me.  I did not even like going to school, the animals were easier to be around than the other mean kids.

The physical working habit is a good one, but to study to know why you are doing something and how to make it better is still a forced effort for me.  But, I do it because of my mindset habit, now developed, that ask the question … why?

Leaders have daily habits

In any business that I have looked at or worked in, I see that the leaders have habits.

For example,

Brian Tracy of the sales field said – “read every morning for 30 minutes in your field or profession. If you will do this, you will double your income in 6 months.”

His advice for the habit, get up early and read.  This allows for the process to work throughout the day.

Joshua T Boswell – a “Class A copywriter” says he gets up early and prays and reviews the good thing from the day before and then ask what can he do better today.

Then, he works on his research or writing before having breakfast at 8:00 with his wife and 10 children.  After that back to work until 11:00 the done for the day. He says routine (habits) gets things done.

 Jason Dutt – a long-time direct marketer mostly off line – says to get from the beginning to whatever level you want to get to, you must have correct beliefs.   Then you must have habits and then skills.

In the Daily Dose of Awesome with Ferny Ceballos, he identifies that the habits help to instill, the beliefs and they help to strengthen your skills.

Dr. Bob Clarke, professional part-time online marketer and coach says, you should have a daily mode of operation (DMO).    Then a backup DMO for when time does not exist (well almost). Develop the habit of guarding your time.

What habits are needed

Strengthening your Beliefs – It does not matter what you are doing you must believe in what you are doing or you will never progress in the area of your life.  Not doing this habit is the beginning of why so many fail in this field.

For example – in religion – you look for and seek out who or what you want to serve, or someone introduces you to it, if you never do any studying about that, or never attend the meetings of whatever sort, never talk with those that are involved, etc. then you will quit.  This is because if you are not growing up – you are growing down – you are never neutral.

This applies to anything,

  • Your daily JOB
  • Your marriage
  • Network Marketing

The list could go on and on – the fact is if you do not strengthen your belief with a daily habit of some sort – you will not move ahead.

Next, Develop the daily Habit of doing what makes you money –

This depends on what market you are in – Networking, Affiliate, MLM, Direct Response marketing

This could be prospecting, running ads on whatever platform you have chosen.

It could be making phone calls, or writing blogs, running awareness campaigns etc. whatever it is, do it every day.

As my favorite coach Bob Clarke calls it – DMO (Daily Mode of Operation).  Get it down so that you don’t even have to think about it. You just do it.

And then #3 – work on your skills

So what skills should you develop? Well, some are the things I mentioned in the above section.

First is creating ads, reviewing and optimizing, to fine tune to the best audience.

Writing better blogs could next.  Copywriting is a skill that can be challenging and the better you understand people and the way they think in your market, the better writing you can do.

Becoming a better closer is certainly a most important skill.  There are several ways to achieved this.

  1. You could do this on the “100-pound phone”, at least that is what it feels like sometimes. But, it is most effective and it gets lighter as you use it.
  2. You can do this by writing copy like on a sales page. Also, you could use a direct mail piece with an order form. You could send an email that allows direct contact or carries the prospect to a sales page.
  3. You can schedule to meet with the person face to face.
  4. Hire a coach to show you how and point out your weak points in the method you choose to close with.

A helpful Tool

One of the first things you should get good at is getting leads.  If you go about this in a wrong way you will get a lot of rejection.

You will also spend a lot of money that you may not have.

The better way is to attract customers to you.  This makes you the hunted, not the hunter.

So, here is the tool- it is a 10-day Free boot camp about this method of getting leads.  This covers things like

  • How to read your prospects mind
  • The anatomy of your mouse trap
  • The fortune is in the follow-up
  • And 7 other powerful lessons

Click below to get access to this free 10 boot-camp style program to get more lead without rejection.

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PS.  The skill of Marketing can be and is used in every field of life. The 10-day boot camp has the tools you need to have a continuing learning process.

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