Do You Have A Burning Desire Driving Your Persistence?

Desire  = Success

Keep Moving To Success

A lady at a seminar asked, "How can I get my husband to improve himself?"  To which the speaker at the seminar  replied, "Does your husband want to improve himself?"  "No" the woman said.  "Then I can't help you!"  The speaker went on ..."until he has the desire to do those things then nothing will change."  Brain Tracy  Psychology of Selling 

Without Desire Nothing Will Change

This is why many who have made it to success say, "I can't guarantee you any money/ success/ glory from this program, course, product ."  They know how the majority of people are.  Because, they have seen first hand cassette tapes, accidentally shipped out blank, to thousands and only eight or ten people call and complain.  "Ninety percent of the books shipped out never have the shrink wrap taken off of them." (Dan K)

People have an urge or a want so they order.  Few have true desire to win.  

What is this Winning Desire?​

What is Desire?  There are different objects that we cast our desire upon. There is desire to …

  • to have financial freedom or independence
  • to have your bill paid off except for utilities
  • to touch a man or a woman
  • to teach others something you have learned
  • to start new businesses

​These are all objects of desire ... the actual desire is what got you started and keeps you going to achieve the target through the tough times.   It is to your persistence what gasoline is to the car.  Desire is to your purpose what love is to a marriage.  It is what electricity is to the light bulb.  It is what makes you move forward. 

A burning desire can be described by the story that has been told in many different forms.  In its simplest form it is ...

  A young man went to a wise man meditating beside a lake and said "I want to be your disciple to learn about ....    the wise man got up and started out in to  the lake and told the man to follow him.  When they got out about chest deep the wise man turned around and grabbing the man pushed his head under the water and held him there.   After about a minute the man began fighting and kicking trying to raise his head out of the water.  The wise man finally let him up and the man gasping for air said, "what did you do that for?"  The wise man then asked, "what did you want most when you were under the water?"  "Air!" the man said.  "When you want to be my disciple as bad as you wanted the air come back and see me."

You can put any thing in the space after "disciple to learn______ "  and apply it to your niche.  

Jesus said "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied."  The two strongest and base needs of humans is used here to show the kind of desire a person must have to obtain righteousness.  

So I would say that desire is ... a deep emotion that your whole body feels, coupled with the knowledge of what the object of desire can do for you​.  Examples again,  The desire for air to live.  The gnawing in the pit of your stomach for righteousness that will not go away until you get it. 

Now that we understand what it is let's consider ...

How To Keep Great Desire​

​There are things you can do to keep your desire high. but you must first have some of it.  Claude C. Hopkins,  author of Scientific Advertising, says, "The reason for most of the non-successes in advertising is trying to sell people what they do not want." 

Likewise you must have some desire to begin your journey or nothing will change.  But ...  just as you can raise the desire in others you can do this in yourself also.

1.  You must see some value in what you are trying to achieve or acquire.  what are the benefits you will receive when you reach your goal?  What changes will happen?  How will this change your status in life?  What value will you obtain when you get the desired object?

2.  You must be able to see some results.  Tracking your activities will show you how close you are getting to the goal you have set. the closer you get the greater your desire will be to finish or continue on the path.  Tracking what you have achieved on computer or paper or both, or a big white board or in some way where you can see what you have done everyday will increase your desire.

3.  you must review what your life will be like when you acquire the object of your desire. The mind is capable of producing a clear vivid movie of things in the future. If you took just five minutes a day to play the movie in your mind, seeing yourself have this driving force called desire being with you until you are living your intended goal, your desire will be according to your movie.

As I close this out please understand that the desire to have success can only be generated, and improved upon by you.  No one can do this for you.  No one can say “you ought to do this or that” this is all your responsibility.  Some have lost their job because they could not generate the desire to be to work on time.  With the boss telling them, “if you don’t change … .” 

If you have the desire to be successful but do not  have the tools to do so click here to see what you can apply your desire to.

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