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The Awesome Daily Dose of Awesome

This is 15 mins of Awesome ...

Awesome is a very powerful word when you use it in the right way and at the right time.   When it is used in a title like I did here today we have a tendency to think --- "what he is about to talk about really is not. " 

But let me assure you this time it does carry the weight that the word is supposed to carry .  So let me share with you a story.  Saturdays, is a day that I do yard work for other people and have done so for over 14 years.   It was so much that I did not even have time to do my own yard on Saturday.   I would cut it at different times in the evening through the week. 

One day to change your thinking ...

Today I decided to listen to "Daily Dose of Awesome" with my cell phone and headset.  I listened to it so long that the battery went dead on my cell phone. 

I was cutting grass, weed eating around the flowers, sidewalks, the pine trees, picking up pine cones etc etc and listening to 15 minutes after 15 minutes of absolutely AWESOME stuff about how to operate as an entrepreneur. These calls were so good I was like -- "WOW this is so good I have to listen to it again!"  So I did.

  ​This is an impressive list of 5, 6, and 7 figure earners, who own their own business and do coaching, mentoring,  and training, and they are sharing what they do everyday to make their business grow.  You can take this advice and implement it today.  

Start your change right here ...

Watch  this short video and see for yourself this vault of information that can help you explode you business.

The Daily Dose of Awesome is just part of the system click the orange button to learn more 

FREE! "The Simple 5-Step Formula Reveals How You Can Unlock 13 Brand-New Income Streams that is a perfect compliment to the Daily Dose of Awesome 

The Daily Dose will help you many times over to solve challenges in your business but, if you click the link above to get access to an awesome marketing library.  Go ahead just give it a look I think you will be impressed.

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PS.  The skill of Marketing can be and is used in every field of life. Elite Marketing Pro has the tools you need to have a continuing learning process. 

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Baxter Cribbs -- I like marketing and Copywriting and helping other learn the same. When I am not learning about either of these I like to work out. The outdoor YMCA track is his favorite place. I also like studying and talking about the scriptures. I believe a person should be growing until the end of life.

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