The First Key to Great Performance – Warming-Up

In every sport the players, coaches, and the spectators know that to play at your best, warming up is a must.

A batter will grab two or three bats before going to the plate. Some may ad a slide-on weight and practice the batting motion. Others use the bat as a stretching tool. 

warming up

A pitcher will throw light pitches before going to a mount to throw a fast ball. 

A weightlifter will use lighter weights before jumping on to the heavy stuff.  A singer will practice the scale and vocal sounds before singing a song.​

Why would this be any different in doing the thing in the marketing world or any business?

I think it should be a part of our everyday routine.  Watch the following video and I will explain why. ​

Warming Up tips

I know many are thinking, "I don't need to warm up", and I would not argue with you.  But, I will say that many of the greats in this business warm up in some way.  

​It depends on what they are doing as to what practice they will do.  Consider the cost if a pitcher throws his shoulder out because he did not warm up, then he has a physical injury that may or may not be able to be healed.

Warming up your mind and body will help you create masterpieces in your chosen profession 

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If a copywriter throws a wrong word out to a  published paper (or electronic device) it could cost thousands or millions.

If an ad is written wrong you could waste several hundreds before you find the error.

  ​To become better -  you need a guide.  A guide that will direct you in the right way to attract customers to you.

A guide that help you to understand the "how" attraction marketing works so that you can warm up your mind to make a connection with the ones you want to provide a solution to with your product or service.

Check this out and you will see what I mean.    

Warming up your self and warming up to your customers is a win-win situation.  Give it a try!

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P.S.​ remember warming up is the first key to your success, learning Attraction Marketing is a great way to warm up to your customers

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