“5 Easy Tips To Being Healthy All Day”

Healthy living

Healthy living makes you wealthy

Being healthy all day means you have done something for your self, your body and mind, that will help you to take on all the challenges of the day with vigor!

This is very important as we grow into our golden years to keep our self feeling young and in control of our lives.  Being healthy is something we want and try very hard to keep as we grow into our 50's and beyond. ​

In the late 1960's, I was not even 10 yet, we were visiting one of our country neighbors and I remember a sign that was on the wall. Actually I remember two of them.  The first on said...


The second one said ...


At the time we all got up early but we were not wealthy and the only wise thing seemed to be go fishing. That is kinda how I took the sign.  But as the years have come and gone I have learned that it is a true and good saying.

I was a skinny boy back then, chasing on foot the cows and pigs and chickens here and there on the farm.  Working in the fields there was just no gaining weight or muscle size and looking like the strong men that came to help crop the tobacco and hang it in the stick barns.

Back then I would milk the cow (I hope you know what that means) and scoop the cream off the top of the bowl the next morning to put on Corn Flakes for breakfast. Then spend the day running it off to start again the next day.

In today's world things are different, you have to choose to have a healthy lifestyle.

A Healthy Lifestyle is a Wise choice


 Having structure in your day keeps things working the way they should.  Being wise about our health is no different. If we start right and end right we are prepared for growth and recovery. 

Here are some suggestion to make the Golden hour, as it is called into a Hour of Power also.

#1 Healthy Tip -- Intentionally Get up early - what ever that is for you - mine is 4:30 am​. It is a time of quiet where you can get the next few things done.

#2 Healthy Tip -- take care of you personal and private business so you are not interrupted. Then, Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes.  Start by focusing on your breathing. Breath in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, let it out for 4 counts and hold it out for 4 counts. Then repeat.  Your mind will go here and there - let it - learn to focus on your breathing.  You are learning how to focus and getting healthy oxygen in your system.

#3 Healthy Tip - Visualize and affirm your goals (you do still have goals right?) and intentions; it is important to see them in the present tense (as done).  Have powerful affirmations and don't feel foolish saying them - they are powerful! This should take about 10 minutes.

 ​#4 Healthy Tip - Exercise and movement -- In my youth chased animals, carried feed bags, buckets of milk, bails of hay and chopped wood. That is not for me any more.  (Always check with your doctor to make sure you can do exercise safely) Today I do Interval training and that mostly with body weight. I do put in some kettle-bell and dumbbell training once or twice a week. But you need to do some kind of strength, cardio and flexibility training for 30 minutes every day.  You chose what works for you and that you will stick with.

     #5 Healthy Tip - DO NOT SKIP THIS -   Eat Breakfast!  Have protein and healthy fats and I would suggest dark berries (more on why berries later).  For many years I ate grits and eggs and sausage and coffee with my granddaddy which was always ready at 6 am.  Now I eat red meat, whole eggs, blue berries and coffee.  I also have a protein shake, vitamins and a wakewell packet.   

To complete your day ...

Healthy Living bonus tip

healthy living

At the end of your day some relaxation habits are in order. This is to tell your body and mind it is time to shut down.  This is the time to read 10 pages in a book.  You could and should repeat your affirmations.  Get out your journal and write the good things that happened today.  Drink a cup of Chamomile tea or drink a glass of Restwell.​

Spend time with your family and loved ones.  Enjoy their company and be grateful that you have each other to share in love and life.  If you have a mate ... don't forget about ____ ! (hint it is a three letter word -- use your imagination) 

Healthy Summary ​

This is a basic - a fundamental plan that most do not and will not do.  I hope that is not you! You need to make a choice to be healthy for yourself and your loved ones.  

If I may say this in a very kind way -- If you do not take care of your self you are selfish and are saying to your loved ones - I want you to give up your time and your life to take care of me!   I know you do not want that.  

So get up early, meditate, visualize and affirm, exercise and eat breakfast.  Work on your business with all your heart.  Come home, read, write, relax and enjoy family.

Repeat the next day

to your health,

Baxter Cribbs​


​PS  as we get older our bodies slow down or quit producing certain hormones and inflammation sets in which is really damaging to us. If you have this and are low on energy check this out it is the best thing you can do for your self 

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Minna Palaquibay - January 18, 2017 Reply

Great article Baxter. Breakfast is indeed very important, I find that my day goes smoother when I have it. Cheers! 🙂

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