12 Reasons Why you should take a Probiotic Blend formula

Foods with Probiotic

Foods with probiotic capabilities

Any person planning to add a Probiotic supplement to their diet or eat foods with probiotic potential should start with the following criteria.  

A potent, all-vegetarian, synergistic and shelf-stable blend of the most vital "friendly" bacteria available.

​Doctors and scientists in Europe have long recognized the need for anyone using antibiotics to take a probiotic which will help the bowel rebuild the good bacteria that are killed by the pharmaceutical drugs. 

This has also been recognized in America because products are found in every CVS, Walmart, Walgreen's - GNC's etc, and people buy them everyday to try to overcome a sickness.  ​

More importantly this has also been recognized by most people who have taken an antibiotic.  Because they always end up getting sick from something else after the treatment or getting sick again from the same sickness.  ​

This is very helpful for women who are susceptible to yeast infections, Candida, albicans and chronic fatigue. ​

So what is in a great probiotic?

Some of this has some really big names but it has been found to be very helpful in helping to overcome a body that has been weakened by medicines or sickness.

The first one is  - ​FOS (Inulin --  (Fructo-oligosaccharides) -  this promotes the growth of the beneficial bowel bacteria (lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus).  Benefits that you get are:

  • reduction of bowel toxins
  • the prevention of diarrhea and constipation
  • a reduction in serum cholesterol
  • the protection of liver function 
  • an anticancer effect and 
  • an improvement of chronic inflammatory bowel disease symptoms 

The second is  -- F-19 -- this is a friendly bacteria that ...

  • supports the digestion of protein,
  • reduces fungus infestations,
  • lowers blood cholesterol
  • aids general digestion,
  • and enhances nutrients absorption.

Then the third one is - Acacia Gum -  this provides fiber enrichment and a prebiotic effect to improve digestive health and improve regularity.

Here are the twelve reasons...

Below is a short video that states the benefits of probiotics and then below this will be the longer version for those of you who prefer to read. 

The Benefits of eating foods with probiotic capabilities or taking an already prepared probiotic are extensive.  They are listed below.

  • Repopulation of friendly bacteria and therefore the return of intestinal flora to a healthier balance​
  • Nutritional assistance in the body`s normal response to yeast. That means this helps body to fight off yeast infections and Candida
  • May help prevent or reduce urinary tract infections
  • Aid in digestion, especially the digestion of proteins
  • Reduction of bowel toxins - including reduction of gas, bloating, and intestinal and systemic toxicity
  • Prevention of diarrhea and constipation, improvement of chronic bowel disease symptoms
  • Boost to the immune system, as well as an anticancer effect
  • A reduction in serum cholesterol
  • Protection of liver function
  • May help athletes to reduce the amount of infections and to recover faster from infections than those who do not take probiotics, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
  • Help to Provide a lot of nutrients to intestinal cells and this enhances the nutrient absorption.
  • Probiotics eliminate allergens from the blood before they cause a histamine reaction, therefore eliminating the need for anti-histamines.

A summary ​

Probiotics comes in many forms over the counter and there are good benefits of those products but, the best way is to get them from foods with probiotic producing capabilities.  

An even better way in my opinion is to get them from a place where it is prepared from organic foods. Tested for purity and quality and is delivered to you in a stable form. ​

If you would like to see what I recommend from an organic​ source click here Advanced Probiotic Blend to read more. Also, if this is something you would find of value to your life look for this ...

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In my area there are a lot of people with cancer - probiotics help to make your system an alkaline system in which cancer can not live but, when you are already taking treatments everything is being destroyed.  this needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

It is best used in combination with other health promoting foods to keep the body functioning properly.

Have a healthy life

Thank you

Baxter Cribbs 



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